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FREE Academic Site License


Analytical Methods, a division of Stark Aerospace, Inc. (Stark/AMI) is proud to announce the release of VLAERO+ 2.3, an exciting new tool for aerodynamic analysis of subsonic and supersonic configurations.  VLAERO+ is designed for rapid parametric evaluation of aerodynamics, stability and control, static aeroelasticity, inertial and aerodynamic loads. Whether used as a predictive tool or as a calibrated aerodynamic model, VLAERO+ is a valuable asset from preliminary design through detailed design and service. VLAERO+ incorporates a robust vortex-lattice solver with a simple yet functional user interface.

Stark/AMI is committed to the education and training of America’s future engineers.  Free academic site licenses are being offered to eligible colleges and universities.  To obtain a demo license or to request a free academic site license, please contact us.

VLAERO+ is Educator Friendly

VLAERO+ is designed to provide maximum functionality with minimal user effort. The element-based user interface is easy to master and students are often able to produce solutions in minutes. The online documentation includes several tutorials which demonstrate all features of VLAERO+. Educators can assign these tutorials to minimize the class-time required to teach the program.  VLAERO+ is an integral part of the curriculum at several Universities throughout the country.

VLAERO+ is Highly Functional

The embedded solver has been an industry leader for decades.  The accuracy of the method has been demonstrated through countless wind tunnel and flight tests. The capabilities include:

  • Linear aerodynamic coefficients in stability and body axes (CL,CD,Cm,CY,Cl,Cn)
  • Stability and control derivative estimation (α, β, p, q, r, control deflections)
  • Trim for level flight and trim in a maneuver
  • Integrated component and control surface loads along an arbitrary reference axis
  • Inertial and aerodynamic loads calculation
  • Tail surface and control sizing
  • Integrated beam model for static aeroelastic coupling
  • Prandtl-Glauert compressibility model
  • Leading edge suction model and Trefftz plane induced drag calculation
  • Supersonic influence calculation for slender configurations
  • Advanced calibration methods for matching experimental data

VLAERO+ is Used by Industry

VLAERO+ is used at companies and universities throughout the world. Current customers include Boeing, Gulfstream, Scaled Composites, and General Atomics, to name a few.

† “Academic site license” refers to a collection of network floating licenses.  The number of licenses should not exceed the maximum expected number of simultaneous instances of VLAERO+. Licenses are provided without technical support with the exception of support pertaining to software fault or installation.  Installation support should be initiated by a systems administrator.  Technical support and on-site training are available for a fee. A network license server running Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista is required to serve licenses to remote instances of VLAERO+.  The Stark/AMI License Manager is a standalone service employing the FlexLM architecture.