Analytical Methods


VSAERO couples integral methods of potential and boundary layer flows for low runtimes – full configurations in as little as five minutes. Compatible with structured, unstructured and hybrid surface meshes, VSAERO can also be expanded to models with 50,000 or more surface panels for extremely complex models.  Besides standard surface calculations, flowfield properties are computed for off-body velocity surveys and on/off-body streamlines. The ability to calculate internal and external flows, non-uniform inflow and body rotation, makes VSAERO applicable to fluid flow problems in the aerospace, automotive and marine industries.  Extensive options for wake modeling, surface modeling and matrix solving allow the user to fine tune the code to best match their needs.

Special purpose modules FSWAVE and ROTOR expand VSAERO’s simulation capabilities to include nonlinear hydrodynamic wave effects on ships and helicopter rotor/ fuselage interactions. Zonal coupling to Navier-Stokes codes is also available. Running on a wide variety of platforms, including desktop PCs, VSAERO is used worldwide. VSAERO has been used in the development of Rutan Voyager and Beech Starship aircraft, the Stars and Stripes racing yachts and the Sunraycer solar automobile.