Analytical Methods

Raisbeck Engineering Learjet 35 ZR Lite

With over 600 operational Learjet 35 aircraft in the world representing a large potential market, Raisbeck Engineering came to Stark/AMI to perform an aerodynamic study to identify potential wing geometry modifications to be provided as an after-market kit. Stark/AMI provided assistance in obtaining a supplemental type certificate for the final modification in compliance with the Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 25 (14 CFR 25). The certified modification decreases fuel burn by 5% and reduces time to climb by 25%.

In the design phase, Stark/AMI used the CFD code MGAERO to analyze dozens of design iterations. An accurate representation of the Learjet 35 outer mold line (OML) was developed using public domain data and a laser scan of critical aircraft components. Learn More about Stark/AMI Reverse Engineering Services.

Once a final modification was selected, aerodynamic loads and the impact to the aircraft air-data system were assessed using CFD.  Pressure data measured in flight test showed good agreement with the analysis results. These results are available as a validation test case for substantiation of MGAERO for similar modifications.