Analytical Methods

Radome & Antennae Modifications

Stark/AMI has extensive experience coordinating with DERs and customers in rapid modification certifications for a wide range aircraft types. Commonly, these modifications include blade antennae, open/closed/vented radomes, and rotating turrets. 

Typically for these types of modifications, low-fidelity aircraft models with detailed modification geometries are used for the purposes of a rapid output of Navier Stokes CFD solutions, which is ideal when incremental effects are desired. Stark/AMI maintains a large library of common aircraft models developed from public sources to which your modification can be integrated. If a particular model is unavailable, we have the capability to generate low-fidelity geometries from publicly available data. If high-fidelity aircraft geometries are required, they are typically obtained from the manufacturer or with laser scans of the aircraft, which Stark/AMI can support. 

Our general certification effort for aircraft modifications, designed for a rapid turnaround, includes but is not limited to: 

  • CFR-based loads survey
  • Takeoff, landing, and cruise performance
  • Stability assessment
  • Ice accumulation prediction
  • Bird-strike analysis
  • Obscuration analysis for sensors
  • Impact to Vibration & Buffet