Analytical Methods

Airfoil. Wing, & Control Surface Design

Stark/AMI has inverse design methods for the sizing of wings, tails and control surfaces. Wings can be sized for appropriate wing loading for desired takeoff and landing performance, stall speed and cruise performance. Airfoils can be designed for high or low speeds by optimizing any number of parameters, from good stall characteristics to delayed drag divergence and buffet margin.

  • Airfoils and wings designed for efficient cruise at subsonic to transonic speeds, high maximum lift and good low speed characteristics
  • Cockpit/windshield designed for low drag, low noise, visibility and headroom
  • Wing-body fairing designed for minimum interference drag
  • Area ruling for high-speed
  • Pylon design
  • Nacelle inlet and cowl design
  • Vertical and horizontal tail surface design
  • High lift system design