Analytical Methods

Aircraft Loads & Dynamics

Air and inertial loads must be quantified at all stages of the design process to aid in the structural design of a component or assembly. Critical loads are obtained from a survey of all applicable cases encompassing the corners of the weight, CG and airspeed envelopes.  Likewise, critical loads may result from gust encounters, during taxi or upon a hard landing. 

Stark/AMI has the analysis tools and expertise to provide broad-based loads analysis and support, starting at the conceptual design phase and continuing through certification.  Stark/AMI will provide the level of support commensurate with the customer’s requirements and can provide the lowest cost solution based on the use of a diverse set of analysis tools:

  • Empirical methods offer reliable solutions quickly and easily for rough order-of-magnitude load calculations.
  • Vortex-lattice solutions are often suitable for preliminary design loads analysis of primary aircraft structure (Stark/AMI Product VLAERO+). VLAERO+ models can be calibrated to re-produce higher-order CFD, wind tunnel or flight test data.
  • 3D CFD results (Stark/AMI Products VSAERO, MGAERO, and 3rd Party Products such as CFD++) provide three-dimensional solutions suitable for pressure mapping and support of finite element analysis.
  • Weight estimation methods provide detailed weight and balance buildups used to develop aircraft mass distributions and moments of inertia. Statistical-based methods may provide these data if a detailed buildup is impractical.

Stark/AMI has supported the development of certification level loads for:

  • 14 CFR 23
  • 14 CFR 25
  • CAR 4b
  • EASA equivalents

Stark/AMI maintains a network of Loads DERs and can support your 8110 requirements. Since our DERs are familiar with our processes and reports, we can minimize the cost associated with certification loads development.

Some past loads programs include:

  • Aviation Technology Group Javelin
  • Aerion Supersonic Business Jet
  • Scaled Composites programs
  • Nextant Aerospace 400XT
  • API Falcon 2000 Winglet
  • Support for many proprietary after-market and special-mission modifications to aircraft