Analytical Methods

AMI’s Computational Fluid Dynamics Tools

AMI offers a wide variety of software solutions for the aeronautics, vehicle design, and marine engineering communities, including the following tools:


  • VLAERO+ – Planar vortex lattice method for subsonic and supersonic aircraft.  Commonly used for determining stability derivatives and loads analyses.
  • VSAERO – Potential flow method with integral boundary layer calculations for any aerodynamic shape.  Often used for subsonic aircraft, and has an enormous number of options to fine tune any case.
  • MGAERO – Cartesian Euler code for moderate subsonic to supersonic aircraft.  Embedded grids and automatic component intersections allow for quick modeling and extremely fast modifications to geometry.
  • MSES/MSES+/MSESWIN/MISES – Two-dimensional Euler method airfoil design program, with optional GUI and inverse design capabilities. MISES adds cascade analysis capabilities for turbomachinery.
  • USAERO – Time-stepping potential flow code with boundary layer calculations for analyzing arbitrary motions where transient behavior is important.
  • CAMRAD II – Highly powerful tool for calculating both the aerodynamic and mechanical properties of helicopters and rotorcraft, including interference effects for all stages of design and analysis.

Pre/Post Processing

  • OMNI3D – Three dimensional visualization tool, optimized for AMI software to get the most out of post processing CFD solutions.
  • PEP – A suite of functions to modify and optimize structured surface meshes for use in AMI CFD codes.

Analysis Modules

  • FLIDYN – A non-linear six degree of freedom flight dynamics simulator, which when coupled to CFD can output time-accurate loads and calculate flight paths.
  • FSWAVE – Calculates non-linear free surface characteristics as they interact with an arbitrary hull.
  • ICE – Calculates water droplet trajectory and ice collection characteristics.